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Dear Comrades,

Wishing you all with the words of Winston Churchill. “Never give in! Never give in! Never in anything great or small; large or petty never give in – expect to conviction of honor and good luck”.

When Churchil persued those famous lines many would have floated doubts whether the world receive it with right tone or not; but I thought of myself receiving those magical lines with care coupled with joy and jealous. What powerful lines they are! No power-head other than Churchill would have given those words. The lines deny themselves that are the mere assembled words of scrumptious and taste but the words, which made the world, dance to the tune of their own. It is a war cry. A war cry for high esteems and de-limbo.

Resolute, Conviction, determination and trend-setters will be some of the high-sounding, energetic and highvolt vibrant words bestowed on if one goes through the valid leaves of dictionary for addressing present day students’ community. But I feel more comfort in branding you all as Cinderellas preferably to the cheap matchboxes. I would rather call you as atom bombs either. Yes..! But the atom bomb of damp-squib type; the jumbos who often fail to identify their real personality and strength which they are supposed to do and willing to reduce to the state of mere kitchen consultants. Who are you really? You are the shapers of the modern society. What are you going to do for the welfare of your career first and the society at large next? Please fix your destiny with convenient dialougue of composite experiences.

When I stepped into Shantiniketan of West Bengal the Literary King, The Bengal Lion Tagore’s vision mesmerized me almost. I became mentally numb, if I find alright word to say. But that state of inertness led me to draw few sketches for shaping a society of practical Utopian-model. Shantiniketan Women’s College was the brainchild of this strong conviction.

Once Lord Krishna says, “Hei Arjuna! Among the Vedas I am The Sama; among the mountains I am The Himalayas; among the rivers I am The Ganges and among the birds I am The Vulture!” At that time there was no existence of Shantiniketan! Other wise he would have been made to declare, “Among the colleges I am Shantiniketan Women’s College”.

Come on! Leave your name in the great good books of Shantiniketan. Let us work together and set a new password to life and career. Always

Always your’s
Amba Ramaswamy

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