Shantiniketan Women’s College,
Nina Towers,
Opp Telephone Exchange
Hyderabad (A.P.)

Library Details:

Library is the soul of any institution. It is a center of acauiring,Processing,Preserving and disseminating information to the user community with the motto of empowering knowledge,.Christ University library has well trained staff and an automated library system to enrich the user community with a wide range of academic resources such as books, periodicals, online periodicals, databases, CDs/DVDs/project reports, audio/ video cassettes, and question banks.

Library Collections:

  • Books                       :20,000
  • Periodicals                 :200
  • Databases                 :EBSCO,JSTOR,ICFAI,EX
  • Newspapers              :10
  • CDs/DVDs                 :1500
  • Others                     :charte,maps&Articles(Teating Guide)

Library Timings :     9:30Am to 4Pm.

General Instruction

  • Identity card is a must for library transaction
  • UG Students can borrow two books, PG Students can borrow four books, Inter Students Up to three     books.
  • Renewals are allowed only once on the exact due date and when there are no claim by others.
  • Which a fine will be collected.
  • Borrowed books should be returned on the exact due date falling by which a fine of Rs.1/per day will be    charged for first 10 days, Rs.2/per day will be charged between 11-20 days&for above 20days, a fine of    Rs.5/ per day will be charged.
  • Reference Books, periodicals&project reports will not be lent out
  • Books should be handled with great care, and mutiation of books in any will be heavily fined.


A borrowed book, if recalled by the librarian  has to be returned. Immediately.


  • SILENCE should be maintained in the library.
  • Leave your bags, hand bags and personal belongings at the property counters.
  • Avoid using mobile phones inside the library.
  • Maintian disciplain in the library.
  • Maintain a queue at circulation counter.
  • Carry ID Cards at all times & produce them on demend.
  • Look frequently at the Library Notice Board.
  • Keep the library dean, Use dustbins provided in the library.

Librarian:      Mrs. Swaroopa.      Ph:   9949374092

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